I am a visual artist based in London, U.K. I have a Computer Science and Cognitive Science background with a special interest in Visual Perception. Most of my works are either based on or inspired from my interest in how human brain constructs feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas from visual input.

My “Algorithmic Compositions” series of abstract paintings examine how computational methods can be used to construct harmonious abstract paintings. “Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint” Series are base on randomness, painting with certain constraints and how one artwork can impose its beauty and harmony on another artwork.

My “Ebru” Series of digital paintings are inspired from the traditional paper marbling art, which is widely practiced in Turkey. But the paintings in this series are created digitally and use effects that can hardly be achieved using traditional techniques. Blending tradition and technology, they seek to find a harmony in these seemingly contradicting concepts.

I am love drawing. I believe it is a truly creative process, more spontaneous compared to painting which requires a lot of planning and thinking before picking up the brush. I use Instagram as a dairy of my drawings. While drawing I try to be let my hand and mind wander freely and the results often surprise me. Although I do not have a systematic approach to drawing, you will see some patterns. SO I invite you to scroll through my Instagram account.

I love to communicate with art lovers around the world and jointly work on projects. You can reach me throıugh the contact form in this website or using my Instagram account.

If you would like to commission an artwork, you can use the “Contact” Form or my Instagram account to reach me.

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