Paintings that are available for sale are indicated on the portfolio section. If you are interested in any of my works, please send me a message using the “Purchase” button on the related portfolio page or the “Contact” form. We can discuss the artwork you are interested in detail and I can provide additional photographs and information. We can also discuss the logistics and the cost of delivery. Most of my works are shipped from my studio in London. Worldwide shipment is available. Payments can be done with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

If you are living in London, we can organize a meeting where you can see my works before you buy.

Some of the works are already framed. But if you need any unframed work to be framed or any framed work to be provided without a frame, this can also be arranged. We can also discuss the framing options available. Framing can take up to two weeks.

Digital works are professionally printed on high quality paper. TAll digital works are signed. Please check their description in the portfolio section to see if they are open or limited edition. Open edition digital works are printed on demand and this may take up to a week. Some of my digital works are also provided as NFTs. This is also indicated in their product description.

All works are provided together with a certificate of authentication.


You can see my drawings and some smaller paintings (A4, A3 and 40×50 cm canvas sheets/boards) on my Instagram account. Please send a message if you are interested in acquiring any of them.


Some of my digital paintings are available as NFTs in You can find my abstract and figurative works in two different accounts.

You should have a cryptocurrency wallet (like Temple) and some crypto funds (in Tezos) to collect my NFTs.

If you are new to the NTF concept and want to try it out you can get in touch with me on Twitter to learn more.

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