Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint #1 ❌

Acrylic on canvas board, 2017, 21 cm x 21 cm

This is the first in the “Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint” series.

The “Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint” series is always done using the excess paint on the palette when I am doing other paintings. As Acrylic paint dries very quickly, at the end of each painting session some paint was wasted. So I started to put them on another canvas. It is always the colors mixed for another painting. I do not intentionally mix any color for these paintings.

Also I do not do any plans about where to apply the colors. I select some empty place on the canvas and paint that area.

Therefore the painting has that random element.

This is done on a very small canvas board. Later I used bigger canvasses. 

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