Painting with Artificial Intelligence

Talk & Demo

December 4, 2022, @ 14:00, Kew Art Studio, 270 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, TW9 3NP.

In this short session we will be learning how Artificial Intelligence create artistic images from a given text. We will briefly talk about AI’s history and demo DALL-E 2’s capabilities. Participants will also be able to experiment with DALL-E and generated images will be emailed to them after the session.

This page provides some additional information and links that will help you to learn more about DALL-E.

Additional Resources

DALL-E 2: Using this link you can open your own account with DALL-E and start experimenting. is a collection of images created by DALL-E showing -more or less- all available styles. This might help you to learn what you can ask from DALL-E.

How DALLE-Works Videos

The AI that creates any picture you want, explained : A nice documentary about AI generated images, including references to DALL-E.

How does DALL-E 2 actually work? Another video giving a high level overview of the inner workings of DALL-E. A bit more technical but not too complicated.

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