I was born and grew up in Istanbul and currently living in London and working as a resident artist in Kew Studio. I hold a BSc in Computer Engineering and MSc in Cognitive Science. I have always been interested in arts from an early age and I continued to draw and paint during my career in the software industry. I attended a number of art classes in Istanbul and London but I am mostly a self-taught artist.

In my works, I like to explore artistic ideas inspired from themes like indeterminacy, accidental images and chance. I also like bringing ideas and methods stemming from my Cognitive Science and Computer Science background. Visual Perception is a mysterious human activity and bringing the scientific findings in this area into my artworks, I try to build artworks that are an amalgamation of arts and sciences.

I also create figurative works, which are mainly drawn from life. I like to explore different methods to represent the human figure. My “Shard” series is an attempt to employ Gestalt principles of visual perception, an idea that I have found very interesting during my cognitive science studies.

The bulk of my work is abstract paintings.

I mainly use acrylics but also use other mediums including digital tools.

You can see my works on Instagram. (@nulnul7) where I post regularly. I use Instagram to mirror my sketchbook and as a diary. There you will be able to find a chronological account of different works in different styles.

In this website, you will have access to my main portfolio.


  • 2001 – Istanbul (joint exhibition at Bogazici University)
  • 2019 – London (Putney Library)

Art Education

Putney School of Art, London – Life Drawing, Printmaking, 2016-2019

Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London – Art History from 1860 to Today, 2020

Other Projects

Turkish Fine Arts (@turkishfinearts) is an Instagram account I try to post works of past and present Turkish artists. All the posts are in English as this project aims to introduce their works to an international audience.