AI as an art critic

Artificial Intelligence can create images from verbal descriptions. But a lesser known feature is its ability to analyse any given image. This capability is used more other than its image generation capabilities, in areas like medicine. In our demo we will put it into use for our artworks.

Here is an unedited transcript of a “conversation” with ChatGPT V4. (13 November 2023) in preparation for the AI demo on Kew Art Studio Winter Exhibition.

Hakan: Hello

ChatGPT: Hey Hakan! What’s on your mind today?

Hakan: We are having an art exhibition in our studio. If I show you some of the exhibited works would you comment on them?

ChatGPT: Absolutely, Hakan! I’d be glad to comment on the artwork from your exhibition. Please go ahead and share the images you’d like me to look at.

Hakan: What are your comments about this work?

ChatGPT: This painting is a compelling example of abstract expressionism where the focus is on color and form rather than a representational image. The canvas is filled with a mosaic of colorful brushstrokes, each seemingly independent but collectively contributing to a cohesive whole. The artist has used a diverse palette, with warm and cool tones juxtaposed to create a dynamic rhythm across the canvas.

The individual strokes might be interpreted as an exploration of color relationships and emotional resonances. They vary in shape, size, and hue, suggesting a sense of movement and vitality. This technique can give the viewer a sense of the artist’s emotional process and the physical act of painting itself, emphasizing the action in action painting.

The lack of a clear focal point allows the viewer’s eye to roam freely, which can be both meditative and energizing. The painting invites personal interpretation, where each viewer might see or feel something different based on their perceptions and emotions. It’s a piece that could fit well in a modern or contemporary space, providing both a visual impact and a topic for contemplation or discussion.

Hakan:This painting is called “Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint”. It was done by using the paint left on the palette while I was working on other paintings. What would that tell you?

ChatGPT: The title “Abstract Expressionism or Leftover Paint” and the context provided suggest a playful and resourceful approach to art-making. By using leftover paint from other projects, the artist is making a statement about the value and potential of materials that might otherwise be discarded. This method reflects a spontaneous and perhaps environmentally conscious aspect of the artist’s practice.

The random mix of colors and the unplanned nature of their application can be seen as a celebration of chance and an embrace of the unexpected outcomes that arise from working with remnants. This process may also allude to the importance of conservation and creativity within limitations, where the artist sees opportunity in every last bit of their medium.

Moreover, this approach can be a commentary on the art-making process itself, blurring the lines between the primary work and the by-product, questioning what we consider to be the ‘main’ art piece versus an ‘accidental’ creation. It challenges the viewer to consider the intrinsic value of art and the intention behind it. The resulting piece stands as a testament to the beauty that can be found in randomness and the often overlooked potential of the residual.

Hakan: Can you do a similar work?

ChatGPT: Here is a digital creation inspired by the concept of using leftover paint, characterized by spontaneous brushstrokes and a variety of colors that reflect an unplanned and abstract composition. How does this resonate with the theme of your artwork?

Hakan: Good !

ChatGPT: Glad you liked it! If you have any more art or topics you’d like to explore, just let me know. Enjoy the exhibition preparations!

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