How to buy and sell NFTs

If you are reading this page you probably bought one of my NFT packs and already restored your wallet. If you have not restored your wallet yet, here is how to do it.

Here I will explain how to buy an NFT and then how to list this NFT for sale. I have created an NFT only for this exercise. Here it is:

In order to continue, you will need a Tezos Wallet with some Tezos in it. Your wallet comes with 1 Tezos and there should be no need for you to go and buy more Tezos. You have more than enough funds to complete our little exercise.

As you can see above, our demo NFT costs 0.10 Tezos. You will also need to pay some fees (called “gas” in cryptocurrency jargon), again in Tezos, while buying or listing your NFT for sale. These are paid to the people who run the Tezos network. Each transaction on Tezos Blockchain incurs “gas”. But do not get worried. Your 1 Tezos will be more than enough buy this NFT and pay the gas.

Our next step is to select a marketplace. NFT marketplaces are online shopping platforms that enable buying and selling of NFTs. There are many platforms that work with Tezos. I am using and to sell my NFTs. For the rest of this exercise we will use and Kukai wallet.

Since we have selected our marketplace and a wallet with some Tezos in it, we can start our journey.

Step 1: Go to . You will see the landing pace of the platform. On the top right corner you will see the word “sync”. This means is not connected (synchronised) with any Tezos wallet. You can visit the platform and see the artworks in it but to buy and sell you need to connect our wallet to the platform.

Step 2: Connecting your wallet. (I am assuming that you are using the same device and same browser that you have restored your wallet on Kukai). Click on “sync” you will be asked to select your wallet software. Select Kukai Wallet from this list.

Step 3: Synchronisation: Now you need to give permission to to use your wallet.Switch to your Kukai tab. First “APPROVE” this request and then in the next page “SIGN” it. Here you may be required to provide your password that you set while restoring your wallet.

After a short wait, “sync” will be replaced with a round icon. Now your wallet and marketplace are connected. This might be a good time to experiment with the platform.

Step 4: See your current collection: When you click the round icon on top right corner, you will see a 4-item menu. “Profile” is the most commonly used which enables you to see your collection, created NFTs, transaction history etc. “Create” enables you to create a new NFT. We will be using “Profile” for the time being. Click on “Profile”

Have a look at the “Owned” section. This lists all the NFTs you own. You should see your existing collection which should consist of the NFTs I have provided with the Starter Kit.

Step 5: Fİnd an NFT to buy: Now enter the following phrase in the search area “mykewdemonft”. You will see our demo NFT. You can also see that it costs 0.10 Tezos, created by “nulnul7” which is my alias, has 1000 editions.

Step 6: Buy. Select the NFT by clicking on the image. You will see a more detailed screen with “Buy for 0.10 tz” button. Click on this button. On top right you will see the message “Awaiting confirmation in Kukai Wallet”.

Now you need to approve the spending of your Tezos. will send a request to withdraw some Tezos from your account. Switch to your Kukai wallet. You will see the Confirmation screen. This screen informs you that 0.10 Tezos plus some additional fees are about to be deducted from your Tezos balance. Click “CONFIRM”.

You have successfully purchased your first NFT. Go to your Profile/Owned again to see that it is added to your collection. If you do not see it give it a few minutes and try again. Blockchain transactions may take a few minutes.

Step 7: List for sale: Now let us put this on sale. Before you do this, I have to warn you that it may never be sold. Because there are already 1000 copies for sale and probably you will not sell for less than you paid for it. But we will put it on sale anyway to complete our exercise. Click on the NFT you have just bought. Then click on “Actions”. Here you will see “List Max : 1”. This means you have one edition of the NFT that you can list for sale. Underneath it there are two input boxes. Enter “1” in the first box and the price you want to ask for in the second box. In determining the price just be aware that in the happy event of an actual sale, %10 of this will be sent to me and 2.5% will be taken by platform. This means if you list this for 10 tezos you will get 8.75 Tezos. Before you set your price, you may wish to see the section called “Listings”. This show how many editions of this NFT is on sale and for how much. Obviously people will buy the cheapest fırst. So if your price is too high, you will need to wait until all cheaper editions are sold. Keeping this in mind, set your price, write it on the second box and hit “LIST”.

Now you need to authorise the transaction and as always there is a small fee associated with it. Click “CONFIRM”. Once again it may take a few minutes for this transaction to go through.

Congratulations, your NFT is listed for sale. Who knows, one days someone might buy it.

You should have more than 0.8 Tezos left. So this small exercise costed you less than 0.2 Tezos, which is around 20p (as of Nov 2022). You can browse the marketplace and buy other NFT’s. If you want to buy more Tezos, click on the plus sign next to your balance and you will be able to buy Tezos using your credit card.

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